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About Us

Hands on experience and continual professional growth, combined with the ability to call upon the right professional people at the right time in this rapidly changing and challenging world is the cornerstone of what we do

About Us

Michelle MacWilliam is the director of Retail Selling Ltd a company specialises in the building of long-term customer relationships, through a range of different methodologies and mediums for small to medium independent retailers and service providers in Oceania.

Michelle also has the consultancy business branded Michelle–Mac which focuses on business strategy for companies who need to either solve an issue or seize an opportunity with an expanded sector lens, or that requires a fresh set of eyes and out of the box thinking with a mind-set to move forward.

She is an acknowledged SME specialist (small to medium business) for enterprises where one person is required to wear several hats and work at many levels within the business structure.

Michelle was originally engaged in the family business, which had manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing sections, for over two decades. This was the university of hands-on practical experience, where errors had real implications. It is this unique insight and knowledge of all aspects of a business structure that Michelle now shares with her clients. This expertise combined with the last decade of being an independent business consultant during times of both extreme and unexpected change in the Canterbury region of New Zealand and the acceleration of the digitally interconnected world provides Michelle with a unique skillset in her business repertoire to support her Retail Selling Ltd clients.

Michelle also has developed of a stable of credible business professionals to support the clients of Retail Selling Ltd as it recognised that no one person or entity can supply all the answers for a business seeking solutions in the modern digitally interconnected era of the 21st Century.