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Heimdal Protection

Cyber security and protection is critical for both businesses and individuals against data loss and identity theft.

Heimdal is not an antivirus software product. Heimdal is a dedicated to offering an additional layer of protection in the fight against cyber-attacks and cyber intrusions in the form of either ransomware or silent malware such as dedicated banking Trojans.

The point of difference between Heimdal and other software, is that Heimdal gathers it’s intelligence and information live from the malware infrastructure within the dark net, in other words Heimdal, hacks the hackers.

Today ransomware demands and identity trading for money is an organised highly efficient business and these operations are being run by professional consortiums, whose primary focus is about maximising profits.

It is only a matter of time before you as business or individual are attacked. This is purely a numbers game.

Heimdal adds another layer of security in any online cyber defence architecture.


Affordable cyber security protection using top class, real time cyber information that is proactive in protecting your computers.

Your investment for peace of mind online is 
Heimdal Pro  for 1 year for 1 computer? PC  is  US $ 40.00
Heimdal Pro for 1 year for 4 computers/PC.s is US $ 70.00

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Using our secure payment method for immediate peace mind  and don’t become a victim of cyber crime.  Just click on the image that meets your needs either 1 or 4 computers. Protect your home and business online activity today.

Investing in Heimdal Security Software for 1 year’s protection for 4 of your computers is less than 4 coffees from you favourite cafe a month. Are your prepared to risk your financial  well being or personal identity, cybercrime is big business for criminal and it is a numbers game to them.
Protect your business or identity today and have peace mind that you have reduced your business or family’s risk to a cyber-attack either by ransomware or a potential silent banking Trojan.
Commitment to a Safer Community
With the explosion of online interconnectivity and easy access to malicious software, it has exposed a new dynamic to the complex and devastating world of domestic violence.

Every Heimdal Pro purchase made via the Retail Selling website a donation will be made on the purchasers behalf to West Christchurch Women’s Refuge.

  • From every Heimdal Pro One licence pack sold NZ $1.00 will be donated to West Christchurch Women’s Refuge.
  • From every Heimdal Pro Family licence pack sold NZ $2.00 will be donated to West Christchurch Women’s Refuge.

Please follow the link to better understand and appreciate the work of the West Christchurch Women’s Refuge and how your donation will help those at a time of crisis and need.

West Christchurch Women’s Refuge

Crisis Response, Support & Advocacy

Supporting women, children, families/whanau in the Christchurch and Canterbury community since 1986