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We remove the fear and hassle of overcoming the transition to a digital platform without compromising your real world entity by empowering you with a pathway and a strategy that meets your needs and those of your customers

Ensuring Customers Are The Primary Focus Of A Business

Challenging times ahead in both retail and the service industries, especially in Oceania, besides that growth in the use of mobile devices is a game-changer on how customers shop, two of the world’s largest online retail/service platforms have set up either set a warehouse or divisional headquarters in Australia less than 4 hours from New Zealand.

Retail Selling Ltd is a dedicated business that supports both established retailers and service providers to transition from solely a bricks and mortar presence to an e-commerce platform or website that serves them and the margins they work too.

Setting up an omnichannel, if appropriately executed, will accommodate your existing client base seamlessly but open a whole new world of customers not constrained by geographic locations. The key is consistency in experiences across all sales channels both in the physical and digital realms.

Omnichannel is the idea of using all of your channels to create one, unified experience for your customers. It includes both traditional and digital media, point-of-sale, in-store, and online experiences.

An omnichannel strategy is an approach to sales and marketing that provides customers with a fully-integrated shopping experience by uniting user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-browsing and everything in between.

It can apply to both retailers of goods and providers of services. It is a trend and crucial business philosophy. Mastery of omnichannel is one of the keys that leads to business success, increasing brand awareness, and customer relationship building.

A multi-channel strategy is about the brand or product, while an omnichannel strategy is about the customer and their experience.

A robust and structured omnichannel provides small to medium businesses with the opportunity to nurture a loyal base of customers or clients who appreciate that the customer is put first in the purchasing experience.

With technology advancement, so does customers expectations on when and how we purchase our goods or service.

Whether making a purchasing decision, in-store, website, via an app or on social media customers must move through a seamless experience, that builds trust to purchase and loyalty to return.

As a snapshot, a simple omnichannel strategy could include the following pathways.

  • Static or eCommerce website
  • eCommerce platforms, such as TradeMe or Alibaba
  • Native selling on social media such as Facebook
  • A bricks and mortar store
  • A pop-up stall at the local market
  • Social media advertising  Google AdWords
  • Email and e-newsletters

This is just a small sample of many of the interlinking pathways that are needed to create an omnichannel strategy where all pathways must be in alignment to get the desired outcome and be seamless for the customer or client.

In business, it is important to remember one thing.

Without paying customers, you do not have a business.

Discover how the Retail Selling team can help and support you from a strategy perspective in both the implementation and execution.