Porter Henry Sales Training

Optimise your sales force with a combination of traditional Business to Business proven sales techniques and latest sales performance enhancement training from the most experience sales leaders. Who share their in-depth knowledge at a time when professional sales team are facing unprecedented challenges yet golden opportunities
Learn the latest sales techniques and strategic business to business sales thinking in a world where the mind-set that you are only as good as your last sale and relationship are challenged to keep in step with the interconnected world we live in.

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Retail Selling Ltd is the approved Porter Henry Sales Trainer for both Australia and New Zealand.

Never before in the history of mankind is there a need for professional integrity based sales people, who are skilled in the art of business to business selling.
Gone are the days, where you targeted one sale and moved on to the next prospect forgetting the value of the relationship.
Enter the age where the sales professional who must be confident and effective in both face to face real life sales engagements and the virtual relationships built up zoom and other digital apps.

Porter Henry and Co is an American based sales training company that was established in the 1945. Today it offers 30 world class workshops for sales people, account managers and sales managers in an organised series, walking the person through the sales steps in a sequenced manner

SalesAbility – consultative and core selling this programme is targeted at getting the basics correct and building a solid knowledge base for sales in the real and virtual world.

AccountAbility – understanding strategic selling to managing complex accounts

ManageAbility – sales manager development for those people wish to make a career out of sales.

By engaging Retail Selling Ltd to lead your sales training programme has many benefits as Retail Selling Ltd is the only company in Oceania that has access to the latest think tank materials based on proven sales training programmes from Porter Henry & Co that are constantly being refined to meet both the challenges and opportunities faced by todays sales professionals, dealing in both the real and virtual sales world and the aftermath of the COVID Pandemic.

Sales professionals now potentially work on the global stage via digital engagement opening up more opportunities for companies to grow beyond physical borders.